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UK Marketing Consultant

David Sargant is a leading British Marketing Consultant who specialises in the Infusionsoft Automated Marketing & CRM management application, Google & WordPress.

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Not Sure How to Market Your Small Business?

So let me guess… you’re great at what you do, that’s why you started your business in the first place, but when it comes to marketing your business… you’re not so sure?

Well guess what, that’s ok! I help small business owners like you to succeed every single day because it’s a complicated, highly confusing and competitive world out there.

“David is one of the most savvy and hard-working promoters of a brand I have had the pleasure to work with. It was refreshing to work with David, who only ever talked with knowledge and sincerity to ensure coverage of his company was relevant. His grasp of social media and the use of contemporary technology to promote a cause is also the most astute I have come across in his industry.”

Richard Irvine-Brown

Broadcast Journalist, BBC News

BBC News

Here’s My Expertise. How Can I Help You?

Infusionsoft Partner

Official UK Based Infusionsoft Partner

Adobe Creative Suite

UK Based Adobe Creative Suite Expert

Marketing Automation

UK Based Marketing Automation Expert

Chartered Institute of Marketing

UK Based CIM Memeber

WordPress Expert

UK Based WordPress CMS Expert

Social Media Marketing

UK Based Social Media Management

Google Partner

Official UK Based Google Partner

Search Engine Marketing

UK Based SEO Marketing Expert

Marketing Strategist

UK Based Marketing Strategy Consultant

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